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#Procrastination: Tips to cut down that obsession with Social Media

We are all familiar with the phenomenon of procrastination. 

It's often convenient to put important tasks at bay and get on with the easy and enjoyable ones without realizing consequences.

Almost everyone has been guilty of procrastination at one time or another. 

Unfortunately, advances in technology have only exacerbated the situation with Social Media among the main culprits.

The desire for new information and the need to be constantly updated gets in the way getting important work don. 

In fact, Social Media may be responsible for a decline in the levels of concentration and productivity. 

So, how do we pry ourselves away from Social Media temptations?

Aside from the requisite levels of willpower, here are a few steps that will help.

Set specific times for Social Media activities

It's easier said than done but taking the first step towards discarding that obsession with Social Media is vitally important and will make you a master in managing your time effectively on social media and taking control of your life too.

Press the 'Mute' button

These days there are so many Groups on Facebook, Wattsapp and others that keeping account of them is one thing and being active is another.  Whilst it's important, for instance if you are an immigrant, to be a part of a group and have access to information, the 'pings' can get severely distracting for both body and mind.  Mute the Group for specific hours or days when you are not actively contributing to it. You may check or follow the updates at a later time.  Adjust the settings so you don't get bombarded with notifications even when you're away from your computer.

Power-down devices

Try to go offline to avoid not so important chats or conversations.  Use emails to send everything. Set a time to power-down devices and stick to it as much as possible.

Stop the temptation of constantly checking your Social Media accounts

By constantly checking and re-checking your social feeds, you are depriving yourself of productive work. You may think it’s only few seconds but in reality your mind gets distracted and you lose focus.

Find a balance

Rather than waking up in the morning and getting lost on social media for hours, spend some time reading a book, do some exercises or a few minutes of meditation. You don’t have to quit social media but the trick is to find a balance. Create a distraction-free environment. 

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Rachanna Jain
Rachanna Jain, is an author, life coach and a reiki master.

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